About Lovers’ Yoga

Are you ready to elevate your intimate connection with your partner, while enjoying all of the health and relaxation benefits of yoga? Do you feel like you could use some relaxation and your sex life needs a little inspiration? Well, that’s precisely what you can expect when you practice Lovers’ Yoga. Sometimes referred to as Couples yoga or Partner yoga, just with extra Oomph.
Darrin Zeer, regarded as America’s Relaxation expert, created this user friendly Tantric workout. A stress management program for couples that is filled with romance. Feel so in love with your partner that you just can’t help but give them a kiss (it’s encouraged). The class ends with a special Spooning Savasana to the soothing sounds of love songs.
Lovers’ Yoga has many great perks for both of you:


Lovers’ Massage

Massage is good for relationships, not just sore muscles. Lovers’ Massage draws on a range of exotic massage techniques—including Thai, Shiatsu, and Lomi Lomi to create soothing moves that are as easy to give as they are pleasurable to receive. Enticing illustrations accompany the 65 massage techniques, encouraging couples to indulge in a random rub, a sequence of strokes, or enjoy the book from beginning to end for an unforgettable full-body massage. Perfect for Valentines, newlyweds, or a stressed-out partner, Lovers’ Massage is a great way for couples to stay in touch.


Darrin & Daisy

Darrin & Daisy Zeer began teaching Lovers’ Yoga
together, shortly after they began dating in 2002. Darrin, who spent seven years in Asia studying the arts of yoga and meditation, was living in Hawaii when he met Daisy, a yogini from childhood, who was born and raised on the beautiful island of Maui. They married in 2007, and continue to be inspired to share the tools they have honed over the years. Darrin & Daisy bring an easy-going style to their teaching and their love for both yoga and each other, really comes through. When they are not teaching together, Darrin can be found teaching relaxation techniques to companies (DarrinZeer.com), and Daisy to her Physical Therapy clients in Denver, CO.

In the Media

Lovers’ Yoga has been featured in the Yoga Journal, on the CBS Early Morning Show and across America in magazines, newspapers, online and on television. Darrin & Daisy have been traveling across America spreading the word that couples doing yoga and massage together provides incredible stress management and creates profound love & intimacy.
Check out this article in 303 Magazine

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  • Lovers' Yoga far exceeded our expectations! My husband and I feel spiritually, mentally & physically connected after our session.
    -Patty and Marcello from New York
  • This class was excellent! It was relaxing, and the stretches brought unity and balance. I feel a lot closer to Zach and think we found something special to continue at home to keep our love flowing and strengthen our relationship.
    -Meredith & Zach from Michigan
  • Lovers' Yoga is an incredible way to spend time with someone you love. It is relaxing, invigorating and very intimate. The instructors are very helpful. My partner and I had no previous yoga experience, but we still had an amazing retreat.
    -Samantha & Todd from San Diego, California
  • We had the best time of our lives! Thank you Darrin & Daisy for sharing your knowledge, skill, and compassion. During the Lovers' Yoga retreat we experienced blissful relaxation, exciting challenges, and moments of pure joy. Highly recommended, whether you and your partner are looking to try a new experience together or maybe even transform your lives.
    -Sharon & James from California